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Spend $230, get FREE shipping!

Spend $230, get FREE shipping!


CBD Trans-dermal Patch


Whether you use CBD to find relief from anxiety, Pain, Depression, Inflammation or simply as a booster to your day, you’re sure to love the consistency of the transdermal patch. Use to target problem areas for muscle tension and inflammation relief!

  • Dosage

    Each Patch contains 40mg of CBD that is administered through the skin gradually throughout the day.

  • How to Use

    Simply apply the patch to a clean, dry, venous surface of your skin and wear for up to 24 hours!

  • Ingredients


    • Overall Health and Well-Being

    • Depression & Anxiety

    • Targeting Muscle Soreness

    • Joint or Muscle Inflammation

    • Reliable and Consistent All-Day Benefits from CBD

How do CBD Transdermal Patches Work?

CBD Patches are about just as effective as taking CBD orally. When CBD is absorbed through the skin into your blood stream it skips the process of being metabolized. This allows more cbd to circulate through your blood in the areas of your body you may need it the most.

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