Spend $250, get FREE shipping!

Spend $250, get FREE shipping!

Just the Tip – THC Distillate Vape Cartridges


These CO2 Extracted THC Distillate Vape Carts are packed with potent, clean, and flavourful hits. Just the Tip products are lab tested for potency, flavour, and effect and created using high-quality materials.  There’s no shake involved in this process! Only run with premium buds.

Multiple Varieties for everyone.  Pick by strain type, flavour, or original.  All flavoured carts use natural Terpenes, bringing you even more natural benefits from the Cannabis Plant.



  • Benefit of Vaping CO2 THC Carts

    • Rapid, immediate and lasts for two to three hours
    • Discrete, for use in public (less smell)
    • Better for your lungs
    • More control over desired effects
    • Cleaner smoke, and cleaner high
    • Choice between strain types or flavor types

  • Dosage

    Each 1g cart contains 900mg of tHC

  • How to Use

  • Ingredients

    The THC distillate in this vape cartridge is solvent free, organic, propylene glycol free, and vegetable glycerin free.