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Spend $230, get FREE shipping!

Spend $230, get FREE shipping!

Stoner Patch 350mg – 500mg THC Edibles


Stoney Patch! Sour & Sweet, Then Stoned!

These THC Edible Gummies are a vailable is 5 delicious flavors.

Active Ingredient: THC


    • Provide long-lasting relief of THC & CBD Benefits
    • 6-8 hours
    • Avoid Lung Irritation
    • Easier to dose
    • Better combat Body Pain

  • Dosage

    Each Package Contains 500mg THC total

  • How to Use

    Start low and go slow, unless you are a chronic user. Ingesting THC is different then smoking THC. Effects take up to an hour to kick in, and last for up to 6-8hours.

  • Ingredients