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Spend $230, get FREE shipping!

THC Distillate Vape Carts – 1g


These CO2 Extracted THC Distillate Vape Carts are packed with potent, clean, and flavorful hits. Avalanche products are lab tested for potency, flavor, and effect and created using high-quality materials. 

Multiple Varieties for everyone. All carts use cannabis derived natural Terpenes, bringing you even more natural benefits from the Cannabis Plant.



  • Benefits of Vaping CO2 THC Carts

    • Rapid, immediate effects that last for two to three hours
    • Discrete, for use in public (less smell)
    • Better for your lungs
    • More control over desired effects
    • Cleaner smoke, and cleaner high

  • Dosage

    1gram Cartridges

  • How to Use

  • Ingredients