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[Sticky] Share your experience with using phoenix tears while combating Cancer

Jessica (TLC)
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Welcome TLC Family.

We have had many people from across Canada reach out to TLC for advice and comfort in using phoenix tears/RSO for combating cancer.  People with all different types of cancer, in all different stages.  Some wanting to do the full 60gram treatment and others just wanting to ease the blow of Chemotherapy.

We feel that the most comfort comes from people with similar experiences sharing their stories and supporting one another in these very uncertain times.  Using a product like phoenix tears can be a bit daunting for many; a desperate measure for desperate times.  We invite anyone who has experience with phoenix tears and cancer, whether have gone through it, currently going through it or wanting to give it a try, to share any success, tips, or questions they might have for others.

In a world full of uncertainty, maybe we can create a space to bring a bit of hope.