The perfect blend of science and artisan craftsmanship.

Valhalla’s high end line is formulated with proprietary methods, adhering to strict methods of three phase post processing to ensure purity, potency and unique textures currently far behind in the cannabis concentrate market space.

Utilizing almost entirely THCa formulas allows flexibility in diversifying cannabis concentrate mastery keeping the end user in mind from recreation to medication.

Premium products formulated for maximized medicinal benefit.

  • Diamond Hash

    A unique artisan crystalline hash that is hand pressed to perfection. Utilizing proprietary extraction methods for terpene retention, purity and potency. This hash is a THCA heavy diamond powerhouse sure to make even the most veteran medication and recreational users couch-locked. The texture is firm like a brick of hash, yet soft enough to make manageable dosing effortless. Dabs vaporize with ease due to it’s purity and crystalline structure. A true novel endeavour focused solely on creating the best experience possible. The diamond is king for potency, convenience and flavour.
  • Canna Cream

    Cana cream is a more thc focused cream extract not unlike the diamond cream. The Cana cream is also exactly as it sounds, creamy, full bodied aromas and used with dab “spoon” tools. Melts so cleanly on impact and evaporates to perfection with the consistency of cream of wheat. The flavour profiles come across much more aromatic than other dabs given the terpene retention of the processing and the more “liquid/creamy” consistency of the Cana cream.
  • Kandy

    Almost like a Jolly Rancher or pane of glass, a formula comprised almost entirely of THCa and designed for potency, ease of use and glamorous looks. Another top shelf Vahalla creation.
  • Budder Carts

    This is where the budder carts description goes
  • Hash Rosin

    Hash rosin is the extraction of the extraction, containing a purity and concentration that ensures just a little is enough for satisfactory and medicinal effects. Melt euphorically to your couch with the mastery of flavor in a hit of Valhallas Hash Rosin.
  • Terp Sauce

    Valhalla’s recipe focuses on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant terpenes themselves.  This terp sauce has a high THC content and is packed with bursting flavors and beautiful aromas. Benefit from the full spectrum of medicinal properties the cannabis plant has to offer.
  • Diamonds

    Valhalla’s pristine extraction methods give you the most potent, flavorful, and concentrated form of cannabis on the market with a smooth smoke and clean high. Your sure to get a bang for your buck with these beauties!
  • Live Resin

    Extracted from plant matter that is immediately frozen after harvest, preserving as much of its natural terpenes as possible. Loaded with natural flavors and aromas of the living cannabis plant, Valhalla’s Live Resin is formulated with precision.
  • Puff Pastry

    Another top shelf exclusive Valhalla Extract creation. Light and fluffy, packed with bursts of flavor and high THC levels. You’ll be craving donuts after puffing on some Puff Pastry! More info coming soon!

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