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Our Story

Our Story

Inspired by Perseverance & The Passion to Help Others

Tender Loving Cannabis is a result of many years of personal healing, self-lead research, and an overwhelming amount of passion. Reaching out to people across Canada from the heart of the Sunshine Coast BC, TLC takes pride in spreading knowledge of a very successful and diverse natural healing alternative:The Cannabis Plant.

How it Started

For many years I battled personal medical ailments and endured chronic pain, inflammation and depression. I was passed around by doctors and sent for tests, scans, and often given false diagnosis’. After many years of being told there was no solution other than prescribed pain meds and long days unable to function on the couch, I found a solution. A solution that allowed me to feel human again. A solution that DIDN’T harm my body more. A solution that focused on not only taking away my symptoms but also rehabilitating my body.

From one person to across canada

The Solution

At the time, I had always known the cannabis plant to be beneficial for some medical ailments. Though, I was unaware the degree of just how beneficial it could be for many ailments until I caught wind of studies published out of the US. They taught about new findings and possibilities of the Cannabis Plant being a cure for ailments such as Cancer and Epilepsy. I was compelled to research and learn more about how the Cannabis Plant interacts with the body and what it is in the plant that is proving to be so successful for many people.

This lead me to finding a product called, Phoenix Tears or RSO (Risk Simpson Oil) named after the creator, Rick Simpson. He talked of the healing experience he had with this oil and the success stories of the people who he helped heal with it. A fire lit within me that day, I just had to see if it truly was that good.

So, I dedicated many hours towards learning how to make this product in the most organic way. When I began incorporating this new “medicine” into my daily health regime, each day I couldn’t help but notice how great I felt. After a couple of weeks I was off of any toxic pain medications, and as time went on I felt like I was living a whole new life.

I had energy.

I was no longer in any pain. I could accomplish so much in one day. I finally felt like a living, breathing, human being again. My life had substance, meaning, and a new burning passion. No longer did I need to resort to the awful feeling of pharmaceutical drugs, and I could finally get off the couch and start to enjoy my life with my family.

I was so completely blown away by what this product did for me that I started sharing with my friends and family.

One by one they too began to change their lives around with the help of this oil and expressed such gratitude for helping them find something that allowed them to live a better of quality life.

From then on, I was hooked.

I loved sharing this new knowledge I learned with as many people as I could and decided I wanted to dedicate my life towards helping other people find their alternative pathway to healing. And that is how Tender Loving Cannabis came to be created.

Our Mission

So many of us deal with ailments with uncomfortable symptoms such as pain and inflammation everyday. Most of us have reached out to doctors for help, for answers, only to receive either skepticism, or news of no permanent solution. We’ve been handed prescriptions for high risk medications like it was candy, and hurried out of the doctors office feeling like the number tag we pulled when we arrived.

Worst of all, we’ve had our ailments treated with toxic pharmaceutical drugs that end up wreaking more havoc in our body then doing good. TLC feels this frustration and pain from personal experience.

We want everyone to know that there is another solution.

One that focuses on healing your body rather than masking the symptoms. A solution that is natural, and healthy, that can help and often even eliminate the ailments and symptoms that we suffer from on a daily basis. We believe that there is a Cannabis product for each of your healing needs and we want to help guide you through your personal healing journey.

You deserve a better quality of life.

Our Vision

Let’s take healing into our own hands. Let’s empower each other to find more natural pathways to a healthy and happy life.

TLC envisions an ever-growing community that spreads knowledge of the powerful healing properties of pure Cannabis plant concentrates. A community that embodies a strong support system.

A community that speaks “family,” The TLC Family.


Share Knowledge with as many people as we can.

We don’t just want to help, we want to help you help yourself. To give you the guidance and tools needed to feel confident in taking your healing into your own hands.


listen and connect.

We understand how frustrating in can be to feel unheard by medical professionals. You know your body the best and we will not tell you different. To us, you are a person, not a number. We want to work with you individually so that we can understand how to best combat the ailments or symptoms you are experiencing.


Provide Pure and Affordable Products.

TLC prides ourselves with delivering only the purest product and at much more affordable costs. AND we strive to teach others how to spot a high-quality product from a low-quality product. So that you can always feel confident in what you are putting in your body.