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Spend $230, get FREE shipping!

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Our products are lab tested and produced by TLC from start to finish. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best our industry has to offer.

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Phoenix Tears

An alternative way to heal

Check out our powerhouse medicinal product! Perfected through years of experience and with the utmost care for your health in mind.

TLC is sought out from across Canada for our Phoenix Tears.

Made in-house, small batch to ensure this product is made with the most precision each time. Bringing you a powerful alternative to toxic pharmaceuticals like Opioids. Each batch contains a high THC level of 91-95% (that’s about 900mg THC per gram!), soaring above many other “Phoenix Tears” available on the market.

  • Ease effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation

  • Fight Cancer Cells

  • Relieve Chronic Pain

  • Manage Insomnia

  • Replace Opiods and other pharmaseutical drugs

Tender Loving Cannabis

THC & CBD Products

All of our products are made with premium quality organic ingredients. We use only lab tested CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum so that you can be confident to receive the same medicinal benefits every time.

Each product, if not made in-house, is selected with care and consideration for the best quality for your health.

Many Use CBD & THC  to help with:

Acne | Anorexia | Anxiety | Chronic pain | Depression  | Drug addiction and withdrawal | Epilepsy | Glaucoma | Insomnia | High blood pressure | Muscle spasms  | Parkinson’s disease | Diabetes | Cancer | Fibromyalgia  | Skin Conditions

THC & CBD Body & Bath

Body Budder, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Salves, Transdermal Patches

CBD Products

Buy as an oil, in capsules or as a transdermal patch.

THC & CBD Concentrates

Pure CBD isolate, Phoenix Tears, Vape Cartridges, Dabs and more.

CBD For Pets

Your Pet can Benefit from CBD Too!

Cannabis Flower

TLC has over 25 years of cultivation experience.

THC Edibles

Edibles can be a fun and universal way to ingest THC and CBD.

Phoenix Tears

Bringing you the highest concentration of THC for all your healing needs

Medicinal Mushrooms

Combining adaptogens, nootropics, and microdosing with CBD.

Daily Supplements & Psilocybin Microdose


Combining CBD with 100% Natural Nootropic, Adaptogenic and Psilocybin Microdose Supplements. A new product line released on our sister site that has something for everyone.

  • Boost your Energy
  • Clear Brain Fog
  • Get Motivated
  • Explore your Creativity
  • Aid Neurodegenerative Disorders

Feel your most optimal self.

Neuro 1.0

A Brain Boosting Nootropic, formulated to reduce levels of Anxiety, Depression, and Brain Fog while boosting neurotransmitters which will improve Mood, Memory, Concentration, and Learning.

Neuro 1.M – Microdose

Made with Golden Teachers Mushrooms, this psilocybin Microdose can be taken as a stand alone or paired with Neuro 1.0 for the ultimate stack. Feel optimal everyday.


An Adaptogenic Daily Supplement that combines Stress Relief with a Clean Boost of Energy, while Reducing levels of Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depression.

Symergy – Microdose

Combined adaptogenic supplement with the nootropic of golden teachers mushrooms. Best of both worlds.  Pair with Synergy to reap benefits daily.

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We strive to share our knowledge so that you can learn about and be comfortable with everything you are putting into your body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle or find relief from many symptoms, Tender Loving Cannabis believes there is a healing pathway that works for you.