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THC Edibles

Edibles can be a fun and universal way to ingest THC and CBD. The varieties of edibles are endless… they can be sweet or sour, small dose or high dose, made with the THC compound or CBD compound, or with a ratio of both.

Unlike inhaling or ‘smoking’, ingesting edibles affects the body differently. The medicinal benefits can last for 6-9 hours and felt gradually, opposed to the benefits of inhaling that lasts for 1-3 hours. Though edibles may seem like the better choice here, both ingesting and inhaling come with their individual affects thus having different medicinal benefits for the user.

Many use Edibles for aid with:

Acne  –  Anorexia  –  Anxiety  –  Chronic pain  –  Depression  –  Drug addiction and withdrawal  –  Epilepsy

Glaucoma  –  Insomnia  –  Muscle spasms  –  Parkinson’s disease  –  Diabetes  –  Cancer  –  Fibromyalgia

High Tea – Cannabis Infused Herbal Tea Blend

Exceptional, high quality cannabis-infused loose leaf tea blends with bio-available THC will help take the edge off and in a gentle way.

Boost Gummies – THC & CBD

Boost Gummies are tasty, juicy, naturally flavored, and made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

Stoner Patch – 500mg THC

Sour & Sweet, Then Stoned!

Available is 5 delicious flavors. Very high potency.

Cola Bottles – 120mg THC & 15mg CBD

These Cola Bottles are perfect for those that are suffering from pain, inflammation, soreness, tight muscle, joint pain, anxiety, depression and social anxiety.