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Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears to the Rescue?

Cannabis. This funky plant has gone from public enemy number 1, to the hottest commodity on the legal market. Everybody’s talking about it. Not only is this plant and its many strains used to get high, but now there are a whole lot of people taking cannabis to treat their ailments too. From epilepsy to even cancer, cannabis has seen some positive success stories when used as a treatment. We seem to be in a new golden age for the green despite the still tight restrictions surrounding its legality, even here in Canada. On the surface it sounds too good to be true. This drug which makes me feel good can cure cancer? Seriously? Although, if you really think about it, marijuana would be the perfect medicine. Get high, eat food? Sounds almost like a vacation, but what does the research have to say? And what about Rick Simpson Oil, RSO? The high powered cannabis treatment RS claims to have not only cure many patients from cancer but to have also trained others to do the same. Is cannabis the magic cure? Or just a way to handle symptoms? 


Over the last decade cannabis research has exploded. Still, we seem to be stuck behind the line of, more research is required. At the end of every study you will find this line. Always, more research is required. At least the research coming out is positive. So far cannabis is confirmed to be effective when treating both the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment. Appetite is improved, pain goes down, and inflammation is reduced. What the research has difficulty confirming is whether cannabis is effective or not is in the area of tumor reduction. Research looks promising with positive results in some cases seeing tumors reduce, but they also stress Cannabis is not effective for every form of cancer. With some forms of cancer actually being made worse with cannabis. THC and CBD both play a large role, alongside dosage. Thus here we are, stuck, behind the line of, more research is required.

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This is where RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil enters the scene. RSO is a high powered Cannabis treatment using 60 g of pure cannabis oil over 90 days to treat Cancer, and other ailments. Not only does Rick Simpson himself claim to have cured his own cancer, but others as well. He says he has done this using his high in THC Cannabis oil. His evidence is all anecdotal, but there are several success stories posted over on Reddit as well. This at least gives the treatment some weight to go on. People claim to have reduced their tumors into nothing. From deadly sizes to a mere pebble no longer dangerous. Some claim to have only used RSO, while others used it alongside chemo and other cancer treatments. According to Rick Simpson it is all about the high THC content, with CBD alone not being good enough. We’re talking 90%+ THC content in a single 1 gram syringe. This here is the biggest difference between Rick Simpson’s methods and most studies. Most studies are only using around 5-10 mg of THC. That is a big difference, and who knows maybe using a higher dose in more studies, there would be more success stories? If people are interested, why not? 

To learn more about Rick Simpson and his RSO recipe, visit his site at


With that being said, not everyone has a success story. The unfortunate nature of cancer is that every case is different, thus every treatment will have to be different as well. Still with the promising research outlook and the positive success stories, anecdotal as they may be, the future looks bright with Cannabis being recognized as a possible treatment for certain forms of cancer. The only problem is the Canadian government will not recognize RSO, and despite Cannabis being legalized, RSO cannot be sold on the legal market. Due to the high levels of THC. So here we are, Cannabis is legalized but one of the main reasons why we all wanted Cannabis legalized in the first place is still stuck behind government rules. It just doesn’t make any sense. Now does it? 


How does it work? Well, 

RSO treatment involves taking 60g of Cannabis oil over 90 days. You start with a grain of rice 3 times per day. Every four days you double the dosage. After a few weeks you will be taking a full gram over the course of a day. This can be overwhelming for some people. Suppositories are an effective way to receive the treatment if the psychoactive effects are too much for you. Once you have ingested the 60 grams, a maintenance dose of a gram or two over the course of a month will be required. Cannabis is supposed to stop tumors from spreading and in some cases has caused them to shrink. The high dosage is supposed to help improve the chances of tumor reduction. Again all the evidence is anecdotal, as research hasn’t had the time yet to properly test RSO as a treatment.


See a guideline on how to make your own here. Or please see, for  more information, and a more detailed how to guide, alongside what to expect.  


In the end, it should be your choice to try the treatment, despite the current rules on dosage. Now is the time to really see how powerful Marijuana can be as a treatment. Personally I believe the choice to try Cannabis as a treatment should always be an option. Who are we to tell someone to wait for the research to be conducted while their life is on the line? Unfortunately proper science takes a long time, thus can we really force someone to wait? Still I would consult with a Doctor and I certainly wouldn’t suggest not taking any of the other treatments your Doctor suggests to take, such as chemo. There are lots of success stories where both Marijuana and Pharmaceutical options were used. Do your research, and as always we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for information on products or are looking for resources we are more than willing to do all that we can. See this link for more resources from TLC. 

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