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Aeternal Supplements Sample Pack

Interested in trying out our supplement line for Stress and Fatigue Support, Brain boosting, or Energy? Cant make up your mind which one you would like best? Weve put together a sample pack that includes at least 3 days worth of each supplement.  This will give you a good idea of which (or maybe even how all) work best with you and your daily needs.

* Take each one separately to feel the individual effects and benefits of each

* Avoid Synergy if you have Hyperthyroidism

* Synergy and Flow boost your energy, lower or eliminate other caffeine intake as needed



Learn more about the details of each supplements and their ingredients here:

Neuro 1.0

Brain Booster Supplement


Stress and Fatigue Support Supplement


Energy Powerhouse Supplement

Health Benefits

  • Neuro 1.0

    Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor | Improves Neuroplasticity | Brain Cell Regeneration | Brain Optimization | Clears Scatter Brain and Brain Fog

    Reduces Inflammation & Pain | Boosts Learning, Memory & Concentration | Improves Mood | Reduces Anxiety and Depression

    Helps Prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders


    Caffeine Replacement | Energy Booster | No Crash | Stress Relief | Fatigue Relief | Reduces Inflammation & Pain | Anti-Depressant

    Anti-Anxiety | Repairs Chronic Stress Damage | Lowers Cortisol | Lower Blood Sugar | Boosts Libido | Boosts Fertility

    Improved Quality of Sleep


    Caffeine | Pre-Workout Replacement | Energy Booster | No Crash | Enter Flow State | Feel Uplifted | Reduces Inflammation & Pain

    Helps Manage ADHD | Boosts Focus | Gets You Moving & Motivated |Reduces Anxiety & Depression | Stress Relief | Fatigue Relief

    Cures Hangovers | Boosts Libido | Boosts Fertility | Relieves Sexual Dis-function in Men


Dosage for each Supplements is available on each packet.  Please read before consuming.

How to Use

Each packet includes different directions for use. Please read each packet carefully before ingesting.